The WWDC became the biggest Apple-Event of the year. Monday, June 7 Apple-CEO I will attend the Steve Jobs keynote. . Other than my own live-blog, here is a list with the most trusted live-bloggers, feeds, audio- and – may be even live video streams. I will constantly update this list as I learn about better sources.

Event starts:

10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mount.
12:00PM – Central
1:00PM – Eastern
6:00PM – London
7:00PM – Berlin
9:00PM – Moscow
3:00AM – Tokyo.

It’s the very first time I will attend the keynote myself. I’ll try to pass on as much information as possible. Yet, I will do so in German tongue. For English live-blogs, I collected the following list of links, that I can recommend:

Ars Technica



Übergizmo live

Live Tech Events 2.0



Cult Of Mac


Technologizer (this is me blogging for you in German)

Mac Life




Twit.TV live.

One more thing:

Feel free to share your links in the comment field! . Thanks.

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  1. […] mit der einen oder anderen Backstage-Info zu versorgen. Checkt bitte zusätzlich auch meine Bookmarkliste zu den anderen Live-Blogs – dann dürftet Ihr gut gerüstet […]