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He was by far the most important speaker at this year's SXSW Interactive conference: Jonah Peretti, co-founder of Huffington Post and inventor of BuzzFeed. In retrospective his talk at the conference is even more significant, as we have learned in the mean time that just as the New York Times BuzzFeed will also distribute its content directly via Facebook.

Jonah had promised a guided tour of the engine room behind the successful platform and that's what we got: his 55-minute presentation was a fireworks of numbers, showcases and infographics that can make traditional media professionals cringe with fear.

Live bloggers at SXSW definitely looked busiest during Peretti's presentation. Not only did he talk fast, he also had a lot to say. The following text is a verbatim compilation of the most important passages. I also added a selection of the most important infographics.




  • The Sharing Statement
  • Real Life Impact
  • The Rise of Video
  • The Power of Live Streaming
  • Hard News
  • Longform Journalism
  • Monetizing Original Content
  • Beyond Millenials
  • The Need for Apps
  • The Use of Big Data
  • The Problem of Legacy Media
  • Ubiquity (!)


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